Thursday, April 12, 2012

a smile-y kind of day

So this will be my fastest posting ever because I have to go to work in like, seven minutes.

And I just used one of them deciding whether to bother ;)

I decided I've had such a fun day I need to jot it down so I don't forget it, because it's one of those nice days that is technically completely unremarkable.  I met Kari and Little Bug for lunch and then we wandered through Target.

The end.

Like for seriously, that was it. 

We shared some cheese fries along with the terribly healthy salad smothered in ranch, and I went cuh-razy and ordered a caffeinated beverage. 

And it was worth it I'm saying. 

When we were fueled up and recharged we drove all the way across the street only to discover that our beloved Target is being transformed into a SUPER TARGET in front of our very eyes.  We then proceeded with the obligatory happy dance, to be followed by browsing through fascinating isles filled with products such as toilet paper and wireless keyboards.  Like I said,, FUN TIMES!

Peyton was smiley and adorable and peaceful and perfect.

Pretty much like the whole day :)

Happy Thursday!

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