Monday, April 16, 2012

baby boys in seersucker suits and sharing my friends' happy

Photo by Katie

Happy Monday!  

Spring break is over around here and I can scarcely believe we're back to the old grind of meandering walks interspersed with Curious George, addition facts, and Max Lucado's "Tell Me The Secrets."  

There might or might not be some new spelling words featuring the short "u" sound this week as well.  

I'm not at all sure we'll be able to handle all the excitement of diving into such a schedule after an utterly boring ten days in Florida by the sea, but I'll do my best to help him pace himself.

(Note: I did  not cross the Florida State line, nor did I bore myself with seaside views.  That misery was all Elijah.  All.him.)

(I'm not bitter.  Not at all.)

After all, it matters not where I am while so busy counting all the blessings raining down.

Plus, I don't have piles of soggy, sandy beach towels to launder this morning.  
Just sayin.'


(A Thousand Gifts #1116-1139)

baby noah's safe arrival and sharing my friends' happy

the fun that comes with understanding it gets ever-better 

seeing his happy-to-see-me face for the first time in days

no soggy, sandy laundry awaiting me ;)

marking things off the list

fresh fruit & veggies in the fridge

the hot krispy kreme doughnut

making new friends, and missing old friends (just a few weeks!)

mason blowing the dandelion, straight into his face, and his funny little smile

good days for larry

the optimism followed by triumph that accompanies new recipes with yummy results 

Photo by Katie
sweet (e-mail) conversations with hurting family

pushing peanut through target

sunny lunches with kari and phone tag with kate

sweet certainty that God's taking care of sweet J

trusting His timing and trusting His plan

knowing He understands when the trusting seems hard

strong, small girls in baseball caps and beautiful baby boys in seersucker suits

Have a great day, y'all!

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