Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wouldya please come to my house?


So I had mentioned this on Facebook, which is somewhat of a miracle because Facebook and I are not very good friends.  

(Get it - - - "friends?"  Ha!)  

(Sometimes I crack myself up.)

(I'm so sorry...)

Anyhoo, I mentioned it on Facebook but I thought it would be a good idea to share what's coming up with all my bloggy friends.  Especially my local bloggy friends :)

I love (in)courage!  It is an online community sponsored by Dayspring, which is an affiliate, or subsidiary, or something-or-other, of Hallmark.  The blog posts on that site are from a variety of Christian women who are willing to share their hearts and struggles...and how God is growing them each day.  Their whole purpose is to encourage moms and sisters and daughters and friends, and I think that's a pretty awesome purpose ;)

(in)RL is an (in)courage conference that is taking place via the worldwideweb on April 27 and 28.   They decided to go this route instead of doing some big yada yada-type event at some hotel in a random city somewhere.  This way there is no traveling and hotel-finding and paying-for-food nonsense.   

On Friday night there will be a "keynote" type session that we can view in our own homes in our jammies while the kids snooze, and then on Saturday the idea is to gather together with other bloggers locally and view a couple of sessions together.  You know, in real life kind of people :)  The whole intent is to bond and make "real life" connections that will be a blessing to us in our regular worlds.   For me, I like the idea of getting together with other bloggers!  I'll just say nonblogging friends think I'm just a bit off ;)  I think it would be really nice to hang out for a bit with people who also enjoy chatting about headers and code and grammar and URLs.

(But maybe that's just me, ha!)

All that to say, I'm hosting the Saturday sessions here at my house and would really, really love it if you'd join me.   The registration fee is only $10, and a really nice t-shirt, a packet of lovely gift cards, and access to all the sessions are included in that price.   Even for very cash-poor me that feels like a deal ;)  

We'll eat stuff and laugh a lot, and likely walk away feeling refreshed, and refreshed is something I can always appreciate, ha!

You can click the link right here, and it will take you to the (in)RL page with lots more information and a trailer that will quite possibly tug at your girly heart strings.  If you have any questions at all, just drop me a line and I'll try my best to answer them...and if I can't I can check with the organizers, who can.  

I hope I see you then!

p.s.  Actually, even if you aren't a blogger but want to hear some great speakers and eat food and laugh, feel free to register right up and come on over - - I'd love to see you :)

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