Thursday, April 5, 2012

random acts

Photo by Kari

So it's been a weird week for me, and right in the middle of all the busy and loud and unsettling I received a package in the mail.

I thought it was my (in)RL 2012 t-shirt that I've been waiting for.*

(I should interject right here:  I love me a good event t-shirt.  I currently wear them approximately five days a week, and 90% of them belonged to various boys in my life before they grew too cool for them.  No lie.)

(*I would also like to note that I ended this sentence with a preposition, and it's bothering me, but I don't want to restructure.  Let's face it, "...t-shirt for which I have been waiting" is a little on the formal side.)

(Let's move on, shall we?)

Back to my package - it was not my long-awaited t-shirt, but was in fact a fun, little out-of-the-blue care package full of all manner of girlie things that made my heart smile and sing, and maybe leak just a couple of tears.

I'm pretty sure my friend would be surprised at how much her thoughtful gesture meant to me.  It didn't contain anything of great monetary value, and I can just hear her saying "it was nothing, just a blah, blah, blah...but I'm thinking we'd be wise to remember how very much a simple card or gesture can mean to the people we care about,

even those friends who don't seem to need such attention ;)

I have a lot on my mind today that has no business on the worldwideweb, but I wanted to share that I'm so terribly thankful for the beautiful ways I'm loved every day.

...and also to leave you with some homework, ha! 

You know that someone who is on your heart today?

Tell 'em

You'll make their day :)

Happy Thursday!

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