Tuesday, May 3, 2011

But I still want a floppy hat

Peer pressure, people.  Even 40-something-year-old grandmothers are not immune. 

If you had asked me about The Big Wedding a week ago I couldn't have told you a thing about it, including when it was supposed to occur.  I was, quite frankly, utterly disinterested in all things wedding.  In fact, I might have felt a bit uppity while watching others being all enamoured with The Fuss across the pond. 

And then it happened.  Royal Wedding Fever 2011 came to my house. 

I don't even understand how it happened but I suffered from a bit of the insomnia Thursday night and was still struggling to go to sleep when the clock struck four.  in the morning.  I wouldn't let myself turn on the actual television because I knew I would be sunk if I saw even one second of the festivities, and well, HELLO, I have a job.  I did read some observations from my hardy twitter friends, and I'm not gonna lie.  I fell asleep thinking of tiaras and princessy love and what-not.

I also had an urgent desire to view The Princess Bride, perhaps the best movie ever in the history of movies, but that could have been a coincidence.

When I awoke Friday morning I felt all sad and left-out-ish because I was exhausted from the aforementioned insomnia AND I had missed the party.  I don't want to reflect on what that says about me.  All I know is I had this overwhelming desire, dare I say, NEED for a large, floppy hat.  Hence, a quick trip to Target and the dollar bin.

Alas, the hats were gone.   Not a floppy hat to be found.

I regret to inform you that I am still, four days later, hatless.

Anyhoo, after returning home with a naked head I did what all self-respecting middle-aged women who thought Princess Diana was such a sweet thing did, I got caught up on her son's day and started with the recap viewing, and let me tell you - - I was swept away by all the prettiness and dignity and royalness of the whole day.  Perhaps the prettiest wedding I ever saw for people I will never meet.

(And seriously y'all, that dress is similar to what we originally were looking for when my baby daughter was getting married.  all lacey and long-sleeve-y and well, downright bride-y.  PERFECTION is all I'm saying.)

What I really got a kick out of, though, is watching how something can be a GREAT BIG DEAL on a Friday, involving evidently a couple billion of people and making people go all crazy and gushy and sentimental...and on Saturday morning it's just old news.

There they were on Saturday morning, embarking on a weekend getaway, Wills in his khaki pants & Kate wearing a relatively simple dress (with pantyhose, no less.  Does anyone know if princesses have to wear hosiery?  That could be a deal-breaker for me) and virtually no craziness to be found. 

And word on the street was that Wills was due back to work yesterday.  It all seemed so...mundane, and felt kind've...flat.

We human people are so funny.  From crazy to back to work in 24 hours.  Even when you are (as has been phrased about a zillion times over the last four days or so) the boy who would be king and his princess bride.

Happy Tuesday!


Michelle said...

I had Royal wedding fever, the whole time. I love everything about it. The history of it I think the most. But just the thought of being a Princess and it was all so beautiful. SHE is SO beautiful. I went to a Royal wedding wrap party last night, with my mom. My cousin went to the United Kingdom last year and she threw the cutest little party. We all wore "floppy" hats. I had a brown little number with a peach rose in it. I forgot my camera, dag-nab-it. There was a 3 tiered cake, princess mints, chocolates, fresh fruit, punch and the British flag with the Royal couple smack dab in the middle of it. Oh! And she had DVR'ed the Royal wedding and it was playing in the backdrop. We watched for all those crazy hats! Two of the ladies at the party wore hats they had purchased on their trip across the pond. The one in particular was fantastic! I took picture with my cousin's camera and hope she sends me copies. If she does, I'll be sure to blog about the party to celebrate the newly married Dutch and Duchess of Cambridge. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it and you are correct on "we human people are so funny." So true!

Renee said...

Ohmygoodness there are NO WORDS for my level of party envy.

I wasn't even aware of all the girly party fun potential until after the fact when my local news roving reporter started visiting a few of them.

How fun for you! I can't wait to see pictures :)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Having to wear hosiery would be a deal breaker for me too. It would throw me completely out of the princess running :)

Renee said...

Jamie - I KNOW, right? I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed in the media already.

Being a princess would have its perks but there are just a few things I can not, nay WILL not, compromise on.

Have a great day :)

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