Monday, May 2, 2011

Provision and cupcakes

More of a thousand...

chocolate eggs and daughters who take beautiful pictures

lessons learned

fresh discovery of a beloved hymn

extending and receiving mercy

today's provision

the first page of a new book...and the last page of a new book

wiping her counters when no one is looking

making a new friend

standing in church and singing the same songs I sang as a child, and knowing each word from memory

new haircuts and chubby cheeks

that click the dishwasher makes when it's all finished

my sturdy roof that withstands the scary storms and knowing I'm never alone

the day trip with the family, and catching up with melisa, and the cupcakes in april

easy communication with technical support

brilliant sunshine on a monday morning

the smell of damp, freshly cut grass

an armful of silly bandz

bubbles and sprays on a sunny easter afternoon

(A thousand Gifts #468-490)

Happy Monday!

p.s.  Thanks Kari Beth for the beautiful photos!  I love you sweet girl :)


Michelle said...

There's LOTS and LOTS to love in this list of gifts! And put together so lovely, adorned with beautiful pictures. I think I'll read it again. . . Have a happy day!

Renee said...

:) Thanks Michelle. It helps a lot to have daughters with great cameras and generous spirits :) Have a great Wednesday!

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