Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Strawberries (and Family!) in the Park

Where is my Wiwi?

This is all I'm askin'.

There she is!!  Evidently she took too long, or I need a hug, or perhaps a balloon, or possibly a strawberry shortcake.  Hard to say at this point, but I'm awfully cute with my sad face goin' on.


Come ON Naynay - let's dance!

I can't EVEN believe yet another careless
someone let their balloon get lost. 

Dakota with Shayne

Could Elijah be any cuter even if he tried?? 

(The  answer is nope!)

Owo is pooped and fatigued and tired :)

Happy Strawberry Season, y'all!


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Michelle said...

Sweet pictures! That look like a wonderful day in the park. I'm so ready for strawberry picking. Oh and you look beautiful in the picture with your littles and girls too. . . and VERY happy! :-)

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