Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Thank you, LORD, for my loved ones who have fought overseas on our behalf, and returned home to us safe and healthy and strong.

Thank you, LORD, for the many too many who fought and died for my safety, and security, and freedom.

Thank you, LORD, for the families of those who have served our country with honor and courage... husbands and wives, and sons and daughters who have sacrificed more than I will ever know in ways I cannot fathom.

Happy Memorial Day

(A Thousand Gifts #554-557)


BARBIE said...

My heart is filled with gratitude today as I remember those who paid the ultimate price for my freedom. Enjoyed my visit here today.

Renee said...

Thanks Barbie! It's almost more than I can bear when I really stop and think through what's been given for me and my family. We are blessed!

Deborah said...

Thank you for your graditude of our service men and women. I pray that as "we the people" celebrated on Monday, we remembered the reason we are free to celebrate.

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