Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Touch of the Exasperated

So before I even get started I think I should warn you that I'm feeling a little all over the place today.  It's been a while since we went a-rambling together, and I'm sorry that today has to be the day.  This is unfortunate timing because I have no idea where all the alleged witty banter has gone.  Therefore, this might be a bumpy ride.

I might feel a little or a lot like the child in the photo to my right. 

But I'm not nearly as cute.

(Isn't she just PRECIOUS??)

So I need to know, is it rude or unkind or maybe even a little obnoxious to be completely ticked off at a huge corporation who has never heard of you?  If it is, then I guess it's just too bad, because Google and I are officially on the outs, and if they don't shape up in the very near future then we're breaking up.  And I'm not even kidding.

After The Great Blogger Disaster of 2011, a mere couple of weeks ago, I had high hopes that things were looking up, and I'm not gonna lie to ya - I was teetering on the edge even then.  I do not enjoy technological misery.  Please don't tell anyone but I actually started up a new bloggy address over at WP because I was so aggravated, but doggone it, I had just settled on my new look and couldn't bear the thoughts of yet another change.  WP has a really nice look, kind've clean and sharp and what-not, but their templates seem BOR-ING to me.  And not nearly as cozy.  Although I do like the commenting system.  I think. 

Decisiveness is not one of my spiritual gifts.

And that brings me to my current problem.  For some obscure reason known only to Google I can't seem to use my account to comment on my own - or anyone else's for that matter - blog.  This is particularly odd because I have to use the same account information to access my blog in the first place.  I'm thisclose to LOSING MY MIND. 

I have wasted hours and minutes of my life on sheer foolishness.

(I completely understand that this sounds embarrassingly superficial and unimportant, but have you ever suffered from a technical glitch?  It can bring on shades of insanity you never wanted to know on a personal basis.)

* * Breaking News * *  It has come to my attention that Blogger/Google has indeed been experiencing technical difficulties again, and it is not my fault in any way whatsoever.  This begs the question...why in the name of all things reasonable can they not just SAY that at the beginning of the issue instead of 12 hours later when my head  hurts from all the against-the-wall banging?  I could have taken a nap or had a Kit-Kat bar.

And speaking of headaches, I actually have an unpleasant pain in my head, and I just wanna know... Does the mere process of aging bring on the routine headaches that make a body want to take many Excedrin and go foraging for caffeine?  

I would love to blame this on my estranged buddy Google, but the head pain has been visiting for a while now.   If it is, in fact, a grandma thing that cannot be avoided...Well, I'm truly disheartened. 

Between that and winterchubby I've not been a fan of the aging this last year. 

Just between you and me, I keep thinking I'll have some kind of life-turnaround and end up running marathons and becoming adorable and what-not, thus landing me in an inspiring Lifetime movie, but I fear the previous 45 years indicate a pattern in my basic life-y preferences that is unlikely to be broken. 

After all, can someone really learn to love running the 5K and sweating a lot when she has spent all 45 years of her life strongly disliking the word exercise? 

Probably not.

With my sincerest hope that the rest of your day is cranky-free,

p.s.  The pictures have little to do with the above whining and complaining.  It is my hope that gazing upon those little cherubs will make your visit today a bit more pleasant.

p.s.s.  The questions above were not necessarily rhetorical.  I welcome any and all helpful input. 

p.s.s.s.  Just so's ya know, tomorrow's as-yet unwritten post is destined to be once again all about THE HAPPY.


Michelle said...

You know, I think the pictures represent how you felt though. A little of the wanting to cry maybe and a frown on a the littlest cherub. The squeezed in the middle is a much needed hug, that were I there with you, I would give. I do NOT like technology glitches either. They usually cause me to lose every shred of kindness and I am promptly ready to toss the all kit and kaboodle out the window. I have been snooping around over at WP too. But you are much braver than I. See, I had a friend put my blog design together. You have done amazing things all on your own. I am a bit creatively challenged. I can relate to how you feel. Getting things off our chest and venting is good medicine. I hope your headache goes away soon, both kinds!

Lauren said...

Have I mentioned that I love your blog? I love your blog. And I've also been having major issues with Google. It won't let me click publish post or edit any of my published posts. I have to click safe draft, and then publish it from the list of posts. Argh. And I think the headaches start when children are born... because at a mere 25, I also go scrounging for caffeine on a daily basis. :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey how long has your blogged look like this? Me likey!

- the mother of your grandchildren

Meg said...

I've been fighting with the whole google-comment problem also... very frustrating!

Renee said...

I'm not brave, Michelle. I'm just...a slow learner, HA. I can never leave well enough alone ;) That being said, in this case I'm desperately TRYING to leave well enough alone because the thoughts of starting/learning all over makes me very, very tired.

- - and thank you for recognizing the subleties of the picture placements :)

You might also note that I am STILL unable to comment using Google.


Renee said...

Thanks for the sweet encouragement, Lauren. I'm not gonna lie - I love it when people say nice things to me ;) And I love you!

Renee said...

Dear Mother of My Grandchildren:

Thanks! I'm so glad you like it! Interestingly, the new look rolled out on April 30. Umm, nearly a month ago. Obviously you have no idea how many photos I have stolen from your facebook and blog recently, HA.

Renee said...

...aaannd I just remembered you read the blogs on your reader, don't ya. Thus, you probably can't see the changes from there. I was thinking this meant you hadn't visited in a month. Oops ;)

p.s. and I love you too!

Renee said...


I'm hanging onto hope that Google will wake up in a much better mood tomorrow, HA :)

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