Monday, May 16, 2011

Of beauty, and kindness, and dancing in the sunshine

Thank you, dear LORD, for the gifts of love and grace and beauty that you shower on me every day that I live.

May I never stop counting...

thoughtful children and conversational toddlers...watching my daughters give their time and patience and comfort away for Him

eating outside, and cleansing tears, and cleansing rain

joy in the missing

light with the dark

this beautiful valley I call home with the familiar mountains that surround, and memories evoked with the noticing...and the greenest, lushest spring in memory

reconnecting, and standing lunch dates, and friday evening recaps...and always the friends who love me despite periods of distraction

hearing Nathan's voice and knowing he is safe and strong and home, and hearing the joy in his mama's voice...and the swelling rush of love for them all

kind clerks in toy stores, and the sweet girl who took my money and gave me a bagel, and the cheerful waitress taking patient care of us on a busy night

quick chats with my new neighbor while desiring to love like Jesus

slow conversations over long meals with the women who literally have known me always

remembering...and forgetting

finding some of my sweet girls among all the people and music and chaos and strawberries

stolen kisses

reciprocal hugs

dancing in the sunshine

bare feet in the grass

being delightfully aware of the right now

(A Thousand Gifts #491-521)

Happy Monday!


Rachel said...

beautiful list!

Michelle said...

This is just beautiful. It painted lovely pictures in my mind. You have such a way with words. I'm so glad to have "virtually" met you! You brighten my days!

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