Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Those kids of mine. I love 'em

I have like, the greatest kids in the world.

No, really.

Jeremy & Kate brought the babies to town Friday night for another one of their whirlwind trips just so I could kiss their little faces over and over. and over.   

They might have wanted me to also kiss their (not little) faces and perhaps acknowledge their actual presence, but I was pretty distracted by all the preciousness and adorableness and baby-ness going on.

Anyhoo, those crazy kids of mine collaborated and schemed and devised a meal plan.  They then proceeded to cook me a yummo dinner.  and then they washed the dishes.

Could there be a greater gift? 

Hard to imagine what it would be. 

As an almost old-ish lady I have washed an awful lot of dishes in my time. 

I'm kinda over it.

Moving on....

We stuffed our faces with grilled chicken kabobs & veggies with Drew's special green beans with garlic & brown sugar (frankly I think that sounds several different kinds of odd, but they were awesome!!) and yeast rolls.  I'm feeling kind've starving just thinking about it.

There was no dessert, but this is only because they are total amateurs in the meal-planning department, so I'm giving them a pass on that one.  Besides, my nemesis winterchubby is still hanging around like a bad cold, so dessert probably isn't needed around these parts.

Before and after the meal there was some (as previously mentioned) kissin' and huggin' and Tootsie-Pop-eatin', and a whole lot of pretend stethoscope usin' going on. 

and Owen ate some sweet potatoes.  

And so did Audrey, because evidently the novelty has worn off, and the bloom is off the rose, and she is officially over this whole being a big sister, and thus being a big girl, thang.

We had dinner outside wrapped in blankets because it got downright nippy and chilly sometime between chopping up the red peppers and pulling the kabobs off the grill, but It's May, daggone it, and it's just wrong to eat inside in the month of May.

My daughter is a goober. 

Seriously and I'm not even kidding about this, my children never fail to be an encouragement and a joy to me.

And I think they're pretty great.

Thanks for a happy weekend, guys - I love you!

(By the way - I have a stethoscope story that I'll share at another time when I'm less sleepy and tired and delirious.)

(I also have my usual well-intentioned-yet-sub-par pictures from the strawberry festival coming your way in the sooner-rather-than-later department.)

Happy Wednesday ;)


Courtney said...

Sounds fantastic! :) Your kids are pretty awesome. They have a pretty awesome mommy too :) You deserved it!

Renee said...

Aw, thank you Courtney :) I'm praying for your family!

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