Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thanks For The Reminder, Audrey

So ya know how sometimes you think your out-of-sortsiness will be brief and transient so you blithely make assurances of THE HAPPY nature?

Well.  What's a girl to do when 24 hours goes by and she is still kinda tired and moody and at least 42% cranky - AND she has nothing to say? 

On a normal day I'm thinking she would skip all things bloggy-writing for another day or three and save her friends the trouble of having to tell her that she's  bringing everybody down with her sad, little, pitiful attitude.  However, this particular girl (it's ME, y'all!) had to go and specifically say she would be here and bringing THE HAPPY this morning.  So I fear my absence today would imply I told you an untruth.

Untruths are very not cool.

So here's a little video Katie took of Audrey last month.  I personally think it's a guaranteed happy-maker. 

(Jermy I apologize for putting you on the worldwideweb again sans shirt.  I guess it's just the risk you take when your daughter is so stinkin' cute.  Thanks for not suing me or getting mad at me or whatever it is that less kind sons-in-law might do ;)

Happy Thursday!


Michelle said...

You definitely brought "The Happy" with that video and that is totally "cool." Wishing you a better day all the way from little ol' me here in Indiana.

Renee said...

Thanks Michelle :) Back at ya!

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