Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not even a clever title could have saved this one

My week has been downright full of the busy, and yet I can't think of anything to say in the way of a recap.

How weird is that?

Actually I guess it isn't that weird, but still.

Right now it's 1:11 a.m. and I'm sitting in my sister's living room, my feet cozy inside her slippers and propped up on her furniture, with CSI playing on her rather large, pretty fun, television.  She's not here.  She's actually in Denver this week on business so I've been in and out, trying to help where I can. 

I also made spaghetti and all was consumed.  I view this as a personal success.

I like it when people eat my cooking.

Anyway, I just finished work a little bit ago and thought I would write for a few minutes before calling it a night.  I have a casserole cooling on the counter, Thursday's dinner for Rex and the boys.  It's usually a kiddie-crowd favorite, just a basic chicken noodle casserole.  Thanks Katrina - I love ya!    Katrina brought it to my fam years and years ago, along with her to-die-for sourdough bread, and I still often make it when I want a foolproof plan.  The casserole, not the sourdough.  Although I did make the sourdough for a few years and it was seriously tasty, but I put a stop to that lunacy when I became a single mom with a job.  I'm only human, after all. 


Rex has to be at work at 6:30 so I'm staying over and getting the boys off to school.

Because seriously, who wants to get two small, rather um, temperamental boys up and out the door at 6ish in the A-M?

Nobody with even a shred of sanity left, that's who.

And on the completely-not-related-to-anything-I-have-said-so-far front, my experiment in eating many small meals a day was a complete and utter bust.  I kept losing track of the time and I think I ate too much lunch because I just wasn't hungry.  So I forced myself to eat a Frosty from Wendy's.  Whoever said I was lacking in the discipline department was just plain wrong.

And good grief if you have made it all the way through to the end of this riveting summary of my actions today I would like to shake your hand.  You totally deserve both a hug and a Frosty.

Have a great Thursday, Y'all :)


Courtney said...

Would Love the hug! Frosty is way off the training for a 10k diet though! Miss you!!

Renee said...

I miss you too! It has been waaay too long. Let me know when you're in town and maybe we can get that hug :)

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