Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Minute Friday: When Seasons Change

Happy Friday, y'all!  It's that time again :) 

Since I didn't explain last week, I'll remind you again of what this little bloggy experiment is all about.

As implied by the title.  I'm writing for five minutes.

I know, right?  So complicated, HA!

The trick is to stop there and leave all the overthinking that is, well, me, and just...let it go.

This weeks topic?  When Seasons Change


When seasons change, the already-done becomes a memory and the could-be become the focus.

Just when I think I can't take another day of the cold, the temperatures start to soar and the sun breaks through...and as I'm reflecting on the sheer misery of the long darkness I realize it's seven o'clock in the evening and I can still see "my" mountain in the distance.

And amazingly enough... approximately 10 minutes before I declare I can't stand another minute of the heat, that seems to be when the air begins to turn crisp and the sky turns so clear and brilliantly blue that I can hardly bear the beauty of it all.

Through the years I have found such joy in watching God do that for the inside of me as well.  Just when the long droughts have left me nearly completely parched...the cleansing, healing rain starts to fall.

And when I am certain that I can't cry another tear?  Well.  That's right when the nearly blinding in it's glory sunshine of hope breaks through.

When seasons change, hope breaks through and potential for the anything rises to the surface.

When seasons change, hope breaks through

...and once again I am gifted with the strength - and the want to  - to leap into whatever comes next.




p.s.  Thanks Kari Beth for the lovely picture :)


Kris said...

"when seasons change, hope breaks through.." Love this. how beautiful and true this is! Bless you, this was lovely!

asoulsoiree said...

yes ..I love that line too. Beautiful Renee :)

Hilary said...

Me too! A beautiful line, and I love that you talk about being "gifted with the want to" to move into the next season. I think that's as much of a gift as the season itself - to want to move into it. Many blessings on your day today!

Caroline said...

I feel this way too: "I have found such joy in watching God do that for the inside of me as well." What a lovely and encouraging post!

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