Saturday, June 11, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Backwards

So I almost skipped today's post altogether because I was away all day having a good bit of SOME FUN, and then I came straight home, diving headlong into SOME WORK, and I'm tired.

Also for whatever reason this week's prompt seemed hard.

I don't like hard.

I avoid hard whenever possible.

But then I saw something that cracked me up and I thought something along the lines of Hey that kinda reminds me of these week's FMF topic.  And there you have it.  Some fatigue-riddled inspiration in the nature of...something or other. 

So without any further adieu, I share this week's Five-Minute Friday offering, as many words as I can squeeze into 300 seconds on a verylate Friday night.  And then I'm outta here.  Because, you know, my bed is calling my name & all.

On a little healthy backtracking


As has been the case many times in the last few weeks, we had a humdinger of an electrical storm this afternoon.  The heavens opened up in a crazy  way and thoroughly soaked everything below, and that was kind've ok, but I was not a fan of all the thundering and lightening and thundering going on.

Once the thunder cracked so loudly and the lightening was so close I may or may not have yelped a little bit as I snatched the headphones out of my ears, and flung them across the room.

Anyway, as I watched the storm raging outside my window I saw these three little teenage girls strolling up my street in their cut-off shorts and bikini tops.  They were tiny and cute and tiny, and I'm pretty sure they knew they were tiny and cute and tiny, but all I could think was what in the world are those goofy girls doing out in the  middle of a thunderstorm???  My only guess is that they wanted to...well, get wet.

So right after I flung my headphones across the room I see those same three adolescents flying down the street back from whence they had come.  HA!  That lightening had put some appropriate caution in their little heads and suddenly they forgot how tiny and cute they were and just wanted to get home!

That whole scene tickled me about three different ways and I hopped up and watched them run all the way home.  Silly girls.

Of course then I got to thinking about how often I saunter along some ill-conceived path doing something foolhardy only to hoof it back home just as quick as I can with all sense of pride and decorum out the window, so to speak, as I dive headfirst back through my own "front door." 

And I can only hope that I don't have a giggling audience witnessing my own personal foolishness.


Happy Weekending!

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