Monday, June 20, 2011

Wonder in the Repetition

Ya know what I love?

I love that my days can look just alike and yet be completely different. About 17 hours into a Monday that resembles a few zillion I've already experienced, I realize this day is utterly unique and unlike any of my previous Mondays.

I love that.

I love chatting about morning sickness with my girl. When I was "expecting" her 24 years ago I was miserably miserable, and now we're discussing alternatives to saltines when you're a cutie who detests saltines. My prior discomfort can possibly be a source of information and encouragement for her (hmmm....lesson somewhere in there?) all these years later.

I love that.

I love the breezy warm breeze flowing through my windows, strong enough that the blinds are doing that thwack, thwack, thwack sound against the frames.   Of June in Virginia, I am a fan.

I love that.

You know that intense concentration a baby has when focusing on something that fascinates him?   Yeah. I think that is awesome.

What I also think is awesome is the way practically everything is completely fascinating and worthy of intense concentration when you are an intelligent six-month-old.

Oh how I love that.

And how about that refreshing refreshment you feel when that cool water hits you as you shower after baking outside for an hour or three?

Yup. Love it.

When I'm willing to slow down  even just a little bit, and pay attention, I'm amazed at all the things in my life, many seemingly mundane, that I love and would be loathe to lose.  

He fills my every day with repetition and wonder, and quite often they are the very same thing.

And I love that.

I love Him!

(A Thousand Gifts #583-589)

Happy Monday!

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