Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Tonight I will sleep in my own bed

and I'll crawl between the covers without sweet hugs.

Tonight I will brush my teeth with an unsticky, unshared toothbrush

and there will be no little helper to instruct me on correct procedure!

Tonight I will make use of my bathroom...facilities without awkward maneuvers around step stools and potty seats that belong to sweet little girls 

but where's the encouragement from the peanut gallery?

Tonight I will very likely consume a fountain Pepsi with extra ice

and there will be no cracker or doughnut remnants floating at the top

(How Boring!)

Tonight my kitchen will be oh-so-tidy

with nary a sippy cup or sticky high chair tray in sight. 

Tonight my tired self will stretch out and sleep the sleep of the all-by-myself

Alas, no sleepy toddler will be joining me with milk and puppy

Tonight will be quiet, and peaceful, and likely refreshing.

Tonight there will be no stinky diapers, no tantrums, no hair-yanking (love ya Owo!), and no mess-making. 

Just sleep, and quiet, and order.


I miss them already.

Happy Wednesday!

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