Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well I Did It, Folks

Update:  So thanks Phil and Michelle for leaving me very helpful comments, but I proceeded to tinker and promptly lost 'em.  Just thought you should know I didn't delete you on purpose.  I do appreciate your kind efforts on my behalf!      I hate technology.  Technology is not my friend.

I got tired to death of all the google-commenting aggravation, so I have installed the latest of my bloggy experiments for your continued consternation pleasure.

A lovely little platform called Disqus.

I've seen it on other blogs and really enjoyed it because it can be so much more conversational.  I (and YOU) can reply directly to the comments left, which I feel fosters, and encourages, yay even nurtures that lovely feeling of community that we value so highly here at A-B Inc.

I've tested it on my page, using each of the options, and best I can tell you have all manner of choices in ways to "log in."  You can use your Google account (if Google didn't stomp on your feelings and leave you un-sign-in-able), your Twitter handle, or even your Facebook connection if you so choose.

If you prefer to remain less...connected, feel free to leave me a fake name and I think that will likely work as well.

However, I am very sorry and also completely powerless to do anything about the odd gravatar (cartoon-y picture) that accompanies the more...disconnected sign-ins.

I choose not to dwell on the creepiness of all this "click-a-button-and-they-know-who-you-are" stuff and am instead pretending it is still 1971 when I could run all over the neighborhood until dark and then proceed to eat the dinner that I didn't have to cook for myself.

I digress.

I'm just gonna say it.  You would make me happy if you could try to leave me a comment so we can test it out and I can work on any "kinks" in the system.

I strongly dislike kinks in the system.

Thank you, as always, for your kind support.

- - and Happy Weekending!

BTW - I'm just checking, but did you hear that I'm going to be a Naynay again??  Yippee!!

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