Thursday, June 2, 2011

The simple post that took three or eleven tries

(Alternately titled I am thisclose to losing my everlovin' mind.)

Saturday afternoon my family all gathered at my mom's for some good ole hamburgers & hot dogs and other yummo miscellany.

Katie and Jeremy brought the babies to town for the whole weekend, and we thought their visit was the perfect excuse for a cook-out, thereby kinda/sorta forcing my mom to whip up a large bowl of her macaroni salad.   and there would be many chips.   and also dip. 

And of course everyone could see the babies and get in some good giggles and visits with the little boys too.

All in all it was a very good plan.

It was a perfect, warm and sunny day. The babies had naps, so they were in good moods, and the rest of us took turns eating, talking, and jiggling a certain 22-pound six-month-old.

I won the prize because I jiggled him right to sleep and got in some really good snuggle time while he snoozed.

Alas, no pictorial evidence of said snooze - but I do have three or 10 other pictures...



Happy Thursday!


Lauren said...

I want some macaroni salad! And I still have not even met Owen. Pretty sure Kate is avoiding me...

Renee said...

HA! If I were you I would blame Kate's complete overload in the family-visiting/potlucks she enjoys with most every visit. I'm not gonna lie...I have not been witness to any specific my-friend-Lauren-and-her-children-avoiding ;)

Oh sweetie - I forgot how much you liked Mom's macaroni salad :) Next time I make it I will make you some!

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