Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This, That, and Perhaps The Other

I have a mostly-constructed, riveting post regarding my goofiness and also capability, but once again y'all, I have words.  It's strange how I can feel all writer's-blocky and then whammo! out of the clear blue I am full of brilliant inane thoughts and insights and yes, observations.

There will be no segues because there's no way to tie this miscellany together in a coherent manner.

Yet I am not going to do a numbered list because I always often do a numbered list, thereby rendering them repetitive and redundant.  and repetitive and redundant.

He He.

(This is the part where I apologize for my weird and odd and probably embarrassing mood in which I currently find myself)

I just got an email from our local library system, and they've developed something pretty cool.  They've set up a system where we can get e-books and audiobooks straight to the laptop.  I'm really excited about this.  I'm really disturbed about this.  I love audiobooks, but I have mixed feelings about the whole Nook/Kindle craze.  And now that the library has jumped on board I'm afraid my beloved books that are printed on actual paper that I can hold in my hands will go the way of the cassette tapes and VCRs.  Since I have no control whatsoever I guess I'll be somewhat of a follower and enjoy the parts that are convenient for me.  Don't judge.

I still need a floppy hat.  I know, I know, it sounds silly and superficial, but y'all I've spent 15 or 200 minutes in the sun so far this summer and the freckles? they are all. over. my. face.  Being a fair-skinned blond type is awful when you are more than 40ish years old.  I shudder to think what kind of shape the face will be in by August if I don't take drastic action.  I guess some stronger sunscreen might have it's place but I still believe that a large-ish, color-coordinated, and reasonably adorable floppy sun hat is just the ticket.  The problem is finding the right one that is approximately two dollars.  Let me know if you see one somewhere that you think might suit my needs.

I have been giggling all morning long while doing such glamorous things as emptying the trash and cleaning out my linen closet.  Two of my bloggy favs BigMama and BooMama team up from time to time to produce podcasts.  I have only just recently started listening to them and they crack. me. up!  It's pretty much like eavesdropping on two buddies while they chat on the phone, and basically nothing they say is of any import whatsoever (no offense Mel & Sophie!) but being from the south I so "get" what they're saying most of the time.  Except the football talk.  Football talk I never understand.  And mainly they're just funny and they crack each other up, and that's good enough for me.  Also they are close-ish to my age so a lot of their references are terribly familiar. 

Speaking of being blonde - well I was, about two paragraphs up.  Anyway, I long to be blonde again.  Unfortunately, the nice lady from 1-800-Loreal tells me basically it's going to take me about a zillion months to get it back to where I started.  So not cool.  Evidently it's much easier going dark than reversing the process.  Whyohwhy did I ever go down the hair-color-tinkering road?   I'm old enough to know better.  I imagine the professional world could do it in perhaps half-a-zillion months, but who has like a wholelotta dollars?  It's a dilemma and a quandary and also an aggravation for sure.

I had other stuff to say but doggone it if I didn't forget while engaging in the above tangents.

Oh yeah, I wanted to tell ya about Audrey's new favorite thing to do at Naynay's house. 

So here's the thing.  I bought her a squirt bottle for her Easter basket and who knew it would be such a big hit with her.  She just loves to water the trees and what not, and one of my favorite tweets ever was this one:

the naff family  O was fussing in his jumperoo. Turns out A was standing there just spraying him over and over with a spray bottle of water.

Score one for Nanay! and also sorry Owo!! 

So anyway, she grew tired of spraying her helpless baby brother in the face and moved on to spraying herself, and now it's even better than that.

Her new talent is squirting the water directly into her mouth as only a true lady can...

...and spitting it enthusiastically into the fancy, free-of-flowers, flower pot.

I'm just so tickled and proud.

Happy Tuesday!

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