Monday, June 6, 2011

Quiet Times and Trampolines

It's been a wonderful couple of weeks.  Contributing to this wonderfulness was Katie and Jeremy driving into town two weekends in a row.  Memorial Day weekend they were here from Friday until Monday evening.  It is highly unusual for us to have them for that long at a time because, well, they have lives in a whole 'nother state.  It is also a known fact that sleeping anywhere other than home with two tiny children is a pain in the backside-area. 

We are aware of this and are therefore extra grateful that they are such good sports.  

Saturday they had a wedding to attend, so I got to babysit for the afternoon.  Yippee! 

And in the sure-works-for-me category, because Kari can't let the babies hit town without seeing them, I also got to see her and Drew for a while on Saturday.  Good times indeed.

In between the bliss of family I have worked enough to make me tired, cleaned a couple of bathrooms, soaked in a few rays, giggled with more than one friend.  prayed, studied, texted, tweeted, and caught a couple more episodes of Murder, She Wrote - among a few other things. 

For someone who lives all alone and works where she lives, my life sure is rather...full, in nature.

Thank you, Jesus!

(A Thousand Gifts #558-582)

cleaning the kitchen in mid-afternoon whole family napping wherever they dropped

comfortable chaos - and oddly enough - comforting order

hugs from dripping wet toddlers smelling like outside and sporting "picnic" faces and dirty dogs eaten outside with shoulder covered with the remnants of sweet owen's lunch

having my quiet time on the porch and knowing He hears me whether inside or out...knowing down to my toes that I have been forgiven, again

the cool spray from audrey's squirt bottle, and the bubbles catching a dozen different colors as they float away, and that first sweet melon of the season

that sudden storm seemingly from nowhere and morning sounds from an open window

finishing early, and working hard, and the satisfaction and relief that accompanies a productive week...and feeling inspired to do more, to be better

figuring things out with a friend and laughing long in the waning daylight...meeting new neighbors and sweet little boys and watching them all bounce

knowing I'm so abundantly blessed that as my list grows I fear I'm repeating myself, and feeling so thankful for repeated blessings

Happy Monday!

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