Monday, June 13, 2011


In the last 48 hours or so I may or may not have...

bought a floppy hat

prepared to return the floppy hat


hugged five people at The Target

made a chicken noodle casserole

forgot to go by Advance for coolant for the car

neglected to get to Lowe's for my tomato plants and herb-y goodness

baked approximately 200 pounds (or maybe 5 - who can be really sure?) 
of baked beans

partied in the backyard

consumed a snicker's bar for breakfast

discovered my grill had died as people arrived ready to eat

visited with old friends in the sunshine

remembered how much I miss those friends who live all the way across town


decided I'm pitiful that I don't take better care of my friends

heard a crash(!) upstairs only to discover an entire shelving unit in the closet had busted free from the wall, bringing everything in its wake down.

talked to both of my daughters and hugged the neck of my baby  :)

refused to wear jeans even once

did my job

repeated myself regarding the oh-so-refreshing breeze on Sunday afternoon at least 28 or 17 times

had my pool date rained out due to another ridiculous storm

celebrated Ryan

ate a Big Mac...and promptly confessed on Twitter

took a short, little, tiny-brief Sunday afternoon nap

drove to Kroger four times, made one trip to Food Lion, and enjoyed one visit with Target...and am yet grocery-less

decided I dislike the new swimsuit I just purchased as I was wearing it, thus rendering it un-returnable


limped and complained through all of the above because my aggravating back decided it was time to be bratty and spaz out

enjoyed the effects of flexeril on my back-ish misbehavior

missed the babies (always)

Thanked my dear Father above at least a zillion times (give or take) for blessing me with a lovely life full of all kinds of the ridiculous and sublime.

I wonder what this day will bring?

Happy Monday!


Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Love Sunday afternoon naps...even if they are tiny and brief.

Renee said...

Aren't Sunday naps just DELICIOUS? Hope you have a great day :)

Aisling Beatha said...

I love the baked bean thing. I am sure I shall feel like that after finishing the promotional wrist bands I am making for a charity event. We're making 2000 of them between a team of us and I swear it feels as if I have done that many on my own already.

tinuviel said...

Came here from Ann V's linky list, I think. Thanks for a Monday laugh!

Cora said...

I can definitely go with the Snicker's bar for breakfast. And I've been there with the baked bean thing. It does feel like 200 pounds when you make that much, doesn't it????? LOVED your list today. Just made me smile!

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