Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Home

Today's topic is Home and I'm diving right in because I do love me some home :)


A homebody is what I am.

I love even the word home.  For probably all my life I haven't desired many things more than children who love and honor God and warm, loving, happy home. 

We had a bit of a detour some years back from the original specs I had drawn up for this home to look like, but that was okay.  God was here and He helped us color in all the lines, and He filled us and our four walls with more warm, loving, and happy than I could have dreamed up for myself.

For several years I have worked at home.  In high school I home-schooled the girls.  I drive my friends nuts because even now that I live alone I can stay inside these walls for many days without opening a car door. 

What can I say?  Home is my Happy Place.

Seriously y'all.  I am a girl who places a high value on this place where I make my bed and eat my peanut butter. 

But if "home is where the heart is," then I am quite the wanderer. 

I have found home to be an outdated little dorm room in  upstate New York...and down in the Carolinas. 

I've had summer homes in the heat of the Dominican Republic... and in a certain beloved church camp.

My home for several weeks was on an abandoned beach in Phuket...and I even put a few temporary roots in African soil.

My home has cried in school hallways,  prayed at church altars, stood up for the Name of Jesus, stumbled and rallied...kept and shared secrets. 

These days my mail comes to these walls with a floor that I usually walk alone, but I would say my real home is across town growing that sweet baby of her very own...and two hours winding through all the green and the trees, teaching and  learning and growing her own home.

That's right, y'all.

A homebody I am...and will always be.


Happy Friday!

p.s.  I am sorry and embarrassed and chagrined to report that I spent approximately 9 or 11 minutes on this 5-minute assignment.  I blame it on my passion for the subject matter.  My abject apologies to Lisa-Jo for being a big, fat cheater.  HA.  I'll do better next week ;)

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Meg said...

I have to say that I am very much like you in regards to home. I am completely happy to stay in my home all week long as long as my favorite people are right there with me :)

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