Friday, July 1, 2011

In a Nutshell? Blocked!

Well y'all, I think it's official.  I've misplaced my Bloggy Mojo.

I have never actually used the term mojo before, in like, ever, and am therefore unclear on mojo-related protocol, but I'm fairly certain mine is no longer with us.

Seriously dear friends, I'm not even kidding when I share that I have struggled and struggled with stringing sentences together recently.  And by recently I mean lately.  And by lately I mean in what seems like forever.  

My plan at this juncture is to pretend that I'm just going through a phase known by brilliant writers all through time as The Writer's Block.  I feel that not actually being one of those brilliant writers should have nothing to do with the validity of being blocked, and am therefore claiming this malady for my very own.

Although frankly my inner 12-year-old thinks Bloggy Mojo has a much zippier quality to it, with perhaps a touch of the hip and happening of which I am so fond.

{Side Note}

Well good grief. 

Because of my love of the English language as well as all things grammar, I felt compelled to dictionary-check the whole mojo-usage dilemma, and I'm not entirely happy with the official definition as I am neither charming nor spell-binding.  However, the urban dictionary says in contemporary slang it is understood to mean "talent," so I'm keeping it in doggone it.

Well...I'm keeping the zippy phrase.  I do believe I established in previous paragraphs that the actual Jo and its Mo are somewhat missing in the strict, literal sense, at the moment.

{End of Side Note}

I blame part of my blockage on the fact that I've been working into the wee hours and then running around in circles while the sun shines.  If anyone has a good suggestion of how to to get around the whole having-to-sleep-every-livelong-day thing I'd love to hear it!

Now see?  There ya go.  I have wandered through the bloggy desert for a couple of paragraphs and created something pointless and perhaps a bit perseverative, with a bit of melodrama thrown in for good measure.

Pretty much similar to practically everything I've ever submitted for your fine reading pleasure.

Go figure.

Happy Friday ;)

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