Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Who Needs a Creek Anyway

Well I have to say yesterday was a whole lot smoother and easier and freer of the drama than Sunday was!  I really have no explanation.  Honestly I can't pinpoint the reason why Monday everything was smiles and snuggles and feelin' good and Sunday was...not so much.   My official stance is Who Cares??  The bottom line is Sunday was a perfectly good day, but Monday was somewhat full of The Better :)

The boys were up bright and early but they were content to play quietly and toss barbecue potato chips all around the room while I dozed intermittently for a few minutes longer.

(And here's a question for ya - Why are those few-minutes-longer always so incredibly satisfying??)

Once I pried my eyelids open I plopped them in front of the TV because I am their Auntie and not their mama, ha!  Mere minutes later I served them even more scrambled eggs topped with cheddar cheese because they continue to eat them and they are easy.  Also of note, both boys liked the salsa on the side, and Elijah actually requested salsa this morning.  You're welcome, Robin!  

We got dressed and I proceeded to pack a bag full of a little somethin' I like to call contraband, consisting of things like popcorn straight out of the microwave, a couple of grape sodas and brownies.  Don't judge.  I am not independently wealthy.  Have you SEEN the cost of going to the movies lately?  Yikes!  

Sorry.  I digressed again. 

Anyhoo, Cars 2 was so much fun :)  I seriously love that Mater.  He has such a beautiful heart and also a fair amount of clueless.  I find this a very endearing combination most any time :)

After the movie we headed home and the boys took a small little brief nap.  I debated long and hard on this because I knew it would affect bedtime.  However, we had big plans to picnic in the park and then engage in some serious playing in the creek and getting very messy.

Therefore, I decided rested boys were pleasant boys and stuck them in beds on opposite ends of the house for sweet, sweet silence.

Naturally storm clouds came rolling in just as the boys went to sleep, and it then proceeded to storm like crazy for a very, very long time.  Seriously, I woke the boys and the sky was still having a MAJOR FIT outside.  Trust me, it was full-o-drama!!  It seems to me the hail gets bigger with each storm we have had this summer, but maybe that's just me.  Whatever the case, the very excited weather man reported we had hurricane-level gusts of wind during said storm.  (I think it might just say a lot about my general overall personality in that I spent part of this time snapping pictures from the porch and glancing out the window saying something along the lines of "huh, it's a little windy out there.")

Suffice it to say we had to forgo our evening festivities but thoroughly enjoyed a little more in the way of movie-watching and also ate a few hot dogs before eventually heading to the bathtub.  (Not me.  That would be the boys.  I found my way to Robin's verylarge tub much, much later in the evening.)

Today we get back into our regular routines with the boys going to day care and me having to work full days in the nighttime.  I'm much less tired than I was Sunday evening, so I'm thinking I'll probably not feel the kind of fatigue worthy of whining about until tomorrow morning when I have to get up at, like, the crack of dawn after working my shift tonight. 

And if that doesn't give you something to look forward to then I don't know what will.

Happy Tuesday!

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