Sunday, July 17, 2011

On Haircuts and Medical Maladies

Well I say enough of all that seriousness and what-not that was my previous post.  

Let's get back to what I fondly refer to as my comfort zone - borderline foolishness!

I'm typing this late but you'll likely be reading it in the daytime, but I'm kinda pooped and who knows what I might say, so please try not to be confused if I mix my references of tonight versus today, yesterday versus tomorrow, etc.

Maybe I should just go to bed and spare you all the aggravation.


So anyway, I'm thinking in all THE BUSY that has been my last little while, a few detail-y things may have slipped through the cracks and that just won't do at all.  So I've decided this shall be my catch-up type rendering so we're all, you know, caught up. 

I shall go with an alphabetical  listing as numerical offerings are so last week

A.   Did I tell y'all that I finally cut all my hair off?  Yeah, well, it was while I was last in Carolina with the babies (yeah, yeah, and their parents.  whatever).  Seriously I realized I had not blown it dry or worn it down for more than two weeks straight.  Frankly I was probably okay with that situation, but when Kate (you know, the daughter who rarely has a beauty opinion about anything EVER) piped up somewhat out of the blue and informed me she (and her sister) much prefer it short, and that all that hair made my face seem too small I figured it was time.

By the way - how is anything at this point appearing small a bad thing??  I still haven't figured out how that could be possible, but whatever.

As is my customary style, once something is's decided.  Especially in reference to all the hair.  (You might recall that I went through a similar situation a few months back and tried to get it cut off but the hair stylist talked me out of it.  I still think that was weird.)  So we loaded up a certain two-year-old in the 1000-degree car and headed off to Kate's hair girl.  At Hair Clips. 

What?  I am quite fearless in regards to the hair.  I say $13.99 trumps lack of flare every time.  At least until I suffer a hair tragedy that changes my perspective.

Anyhoo, Kate stayed in the car with the now-dozing toddler and I marched right in and told them I would like them to cut the hair off, no if's and's or but's about it.  My Kate had an opinion and that was good enough for me.  And they did.  My only specific instruction was that I wanted it to still "move."  Oh! and also to go about 2 inches shorter than she wanted to go.  


And whaddya know?  It turned out pretty okay!  It's not fancy or anything, just basic and comfortable.  and I'm okay with that.  It was such a relief to get rid of all that weight and both of my daughters say my face looks less grotesquely small.  It is also slooowly getting lighter.  I'm thinking I'm back to a dark blonde at this point.  I suspect I'm beginning to look like my daughters' mother once again. 

Sooo.  that's that about the hair.  What else?

B.  We're having Christmas next weekend and I'm so excited!  I'll probably do a longer post at some point in explanation & what have you, but long story short - Katie and Jeremy will come to town and we'll spend the weekend together with no interruptions, or distractions, or foolishness of any kind.   Other than, of course, our own brand of foolishness, which is the very best kind.  We very cleverly call it Christmas in July, and suffice it to say it is all very traditional except for the 100-degree heat and all the sweating outside while the babies pour water from cup to cup in the baby pool.  There will be trees! and our traditional menu! and presents! and yes, the Christmas Eve movie shared before bed.

Good times.

I will also be listening to all the Christmas music that drives me nuts and makes me cranky during the actual holiday season.  Somehow Frosty and Santa and oh yes the roasting chestnuts foolishness doesn't bug me as much in July. 

C.  I'm sleepy so I guess I'll have to catch you up on the rest of my riveting summer at a later date, but I have to tell you this first.  Do you remember way back to a week or so ago when my sweet Elijah had the yucky "bug bite-y looking mess on his leg?" 

Yeah.  MRSA.

Seriously I have no words.  Epic Auntie-Nay FAIL.

Y'all have a wonderful Sunday - I really kinda love ya :)

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