Friday, July 22, 2011

Because whimsy always brings along The Happy

Well here I am at 2:28 in the a.m.  Awake and wishing I wasn't.  I finished up work a few minutes after two, loaded the dishwasher & got it started, turned off the tree lights & headed to bed, but I'm still not quite ready to sleep.

There are no words for the foolishness that is my internal sleep scheduler. 

Weird.  Weird might be a word for it.

Or aggravating.  

Maddening is a contender.

I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, I don't imagine I'll be online much in the immediate future because y'all, all the Christmas-y goodness is about to commence!  

The gifts are wrapped & most of the food prepared.  I have the slip & slide with sprinkler and the baby pool out in the yard because of all THE HOT in the valley right now.  

I do need to make one more quick Kroger run and bake the cookies & cupcakes, and by the time I'm finished with that I imagine the family will be arriving, and bringing with them that lovely chaos that fills my world with all The Happy.

So from my house to yours on this weekend-closest-to-the-25th-in-July...

Merry Christmas!

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