Thursday, July 14, 2011

And also the weather is lovely and my windows are open

So today was the day I was going to write a lot of words.

Partly because the words, I so love 'em, but mainly because it only seems right.  I feel like recently I've been posting a lot of pictures with perhaps a few incomplete sentences thrown in here and there, but not so much with the paragraphs or fully-formed thoughts. 

And frankly this feels like cheating somehow. 

However, today will not be that day.  It appears that age is beating up on me and after three or four days of all THE ACTIVITY and such I require a couple of naps.  So I'm taking today off. 

Well, until I have to report in to my, you know, actual job.

Hope y'all have a delightful Thursday!

p.s.  I really wanted to add a cute photo or seven of the babies enjoying all THE ACTIVITY, but being as I'm not very adept at photo-dealing I decided to ditch that particular inclination because of ALL THE TIRED and what have you ;) 

See ya tomorrow!

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