Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Boy Fatigue and the Freedom to Enjoy It

Well Ya'll, Nephew Watch 2011 is humming right along.

Ok fine, perhaps once or twice it was limping along but there was humming in the background!  I knew all along that yesterday would likely be the most challenging day because we were staying in with no pool trips or what have you to bribe entice trick encourage the boys to behave in a manner that did not make me desire a wall on which to bang my head :)

All in all it was a pretty good day, but I did hear a decided cranky tone in my voice a couple of times, usually while saying something like why in the world would you DO that?  Perhaps regarding something like sitting on a brother's head until he cries.  Or not.  I can't rightly say.

Anyway, they played outside for about an hour because I told them fresh air was terribly important for growing their muscles.  (What can I say?  they are somewhat fixated on growing muscles right now!) 

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do is all I'm sayin'.

We had a royal fit or two and quite a few giggles, along with more TV than I technically approve of...and after approximately three false starts all was quiet and the snoozing commenced.  I then proceeded to get my work done (I work a split shift on Sundays and Mondays) and stumbled to the tub...followed rather quickly by bed. 

A full 48 hours into the week and we are all still standing, HA!

And I'm still counting...

(A Thousand Gifts #590-606)

little boy hugs, and little boy giggles...and blessed little boy fatigue

unexpected encounters in unlikely places

"aunt nay saves the day!"  :)

unusually dry air with brilliantly clear skies on a hot July afternoon...and chatting leisurely about it with the older stranger in the parking lot

audrey chattering away on my voicemail

watching my shayne show tenderness and patience with his busy little brothers

encouraging conversation with my boss

silence and ceiling fans

deep, delicious bathtubs and cherry garcia

her baby bump...and his obvious excitement

Precious, priceless, unfathomable freedom and all the love, and honor, and integrity, and sacrifice that has been offered up to secure it

Happy Independence Day Y'all!

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