Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Sunny Saturday in July

So I'm not at home this week living the quiet, tidy little life that I live when my children are doing their own thing.  Yesterday I packed up a myriad of things I will likely not use and moved myself into my sister's house for the next week.  She and her hubby are at the sea celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this week, far far away from little boys and employers and dogs who like to go outside every 12 minutes or so.  So here I am, taking care of little boys and the aforementioned doggy.  The employers are on their own.

I think things are going pretty well so far, if I do say so myself.

They were quite impressed by the fancy scrambled eggs with the cheese melted on top that I served them for breakfast.  They were also terribly motivated to tidy up the living room & what not because of all the POOL FUN they knew would follow.  It's amazing to me how even exhausted or cranky children can be just happy as clams for a lot of hours, even in 200-degree sunny July if there is a swimming pool and some blue Gatorade to be found. 

They likely showed more sense than I did today because I got waay too much sun.  I'm feeling all tingly and stingy, and overall generally uncomfortable.  I'm afraid I might be in for a world of hurt for the next couple of days as I pay for today's foolhardy-ness.  My nose is just as pink as can be, and I fear for the state of my shoulder area. 

I am so old enough to know better.

Anyway, we got back and Shayne helped me get the boys bathed while I worked on our gourmet dinner of Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni (Shayne's favorite!) with a special viewing of Kung Fu Panda  while we dined.  A bit later I was reading stories to the little boys and explaining that they couldn't talk to mommy just yet because she was at dinner on her "honeymoon."  They settled pretty quickly because of all the SHEER EXHAUSTION of their day, and they were sound asleep by 7:30.

But it wasn't time to call it a night quite yet.  Shayne and Dakota wanted cookies, and to my delight Shayne wanted to help me make them.  I took this as a perfect excuse to SIT and decided to let him do the work while I instructed him on the specifics.

Can I just say I haven't eaten any of the cookies, but the dough?  It was TASTY. 

We then crashed in the living room to begin a night of movie-viewing with very little in the way of getting up or moving around.

Because I have to tell ya, all of this sunshiny goodness has rendered me utterly pooped.

Happy Saturday!

p.s.  There is no photographic evidence of our happy happy day because two minutes into our pool adventures my camera battery died.  sigh.

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