Sunday, July 31, 2011

But at least I'm no longer growling at the furniture

It's been kind've a weird few days.  I got home from Kari's late Tuesday evening, and quite frankly I still feel tired & a little out of sorts.  Also my house remains a bit of a mess from the holiday.  That's partially because I forced myself to "take it easy" Wednesday & Thursday, thinking the rest would be good for me, but mainly I ended up neither rested nor tidy. 

I'm a putterer.  It's who I am.

Even weirder, yesterday I woke up GROUCHY.  Not a little cranky, mind you; that's not particularly unusual, but a full-on grouchy state is pretty odd for me.  A friend called me and I told her I had been wandering around the house feeling all GRRR.  I then proceeded to use my grouchy tone of voice with my mom.  While she was trying to ask me for a favor.  Let's face it.  That's just awkward for a favor-asker.  Realizing how I sounded but still feeling all GRRR, I desperately acknowledged my obnoxious state, begged her forgiveness, and told her run from me, to Run like the wind!

(I later saw my friend when she ran a coupon over my way, and it tickled me when she told me she had been a little worried about me, HA!  Obviously I'm usually a pretty good censorer mood-faker when interacting with my loved ones :)

Work should be full of easy and happy and joy (NOT) this week, because yet again I forgot that I needed time off next Friday (I've concluded that I dislike working on Friday nights, just FYI, because, FRIDAY NIGHT) so I will once again be working "overtime" all week to make it up.  I suspect this will help neither my mood nor my attitude. 

Heaven help us all.

What does seem to help at least moderately is old Murder, She Wrote reruns, as evidenced by the marathon of no less than five episodes I viewed last night when I should have been sleeping.  As I've said once or half-a-dozen times, Angela Lansbury is good for what ails ya.  She just is.

I also wanted to bring your attention to the riveting poll I have placed on my sidebar.  Y'all, I'M HOT.  And I'm sorta over it.  Yet I feel conflicted because time? It's going by way too fast.  So I'm curious about how you're feeling about summer on this hot July afternoon. 

Let's face it...we're all a lot sweatier this year. 

I hope that isn't rude to say.  I'm often a little unclear about rudeness parameters.

Okay I'm just going to admit it.  I have no idea what my point was when I hopped on here, but it's obviously long-gone now. 

Basically I was just missin' y'all and wanted to say hi.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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