Thursday, July 28, 2011

Christmas when it's 97 degrees? What's up with that??

My children have a lot of people who love them. 

A lot of people. 

This has been the case for basically forever, but after they got married the ante was upped, so to speak, manyfold.  Between the family complexities accompanying divorce and all the in-laws, over the last few years things had evolved to where I barely saw them over the Christmas holiday.  We would all sleep under the same roof, but the traditional dinners and what-have-you were filled up with All The Gatherings. 

A couple of Christmas Eves ago, after cooking for a couple of days straight and no one but me partaking of the yummy, I decided things needed to change.

Thus, Christmas in July was begun.  In December we still sleep under the same roof and wake up to have our breakfast pizza and open gifts in our jammies (oh the wonderfulness of sleepy-gift-opening in jammies), but I scaled way, waay back on all the cooking and frenzy of the Christmas Holiday.

We committed to prioritizing the weekend in July nearest the 25th just as we would December 25.  I shifted most of traditional cooking, and music, and decorating to July, and we all get to enjoy it together - - and I get to enjoy having my sweet family all to myself for those couple of days! 

And of course we draw names and share an inexpensive gift and give the littles small gifts because that's just FUN. 

After two years I think it's safe to say it's a great success in the manner of a great idea.  Katie summed up my feelings well when she observed that our July Christmas is much more whimsical, leaving December a more appropriately spiritual season. 

And I must admit, it works for us!

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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