Monday, July 18, 2011

Colonel Mustard in the Library with a Cone and also Caramel Corn

While I was down in Carolina (I heart JT!) after my trek to Hair Clips - which I have subsequently learned is actually Great Clips, hehe - we headed out for some al fresco dining.  For the life of me I can't seem to get the name of This Little Slice of Yummy straight. 

Over and over and over it comes out Colonel Mustard.  My daughter laughs.  and mocks.  and yes, she makes fun.


I say call it whatever ya want but I'll just call it TASTY.

It was approximately 132 degrees, and Babygirl was broiling!

but she persevered in the adversity of the meltage sliding upanddown her arms,

and legs,

and tummy.

It may or may not have been in an ear or two

Not one to be deterred, she just soldiered on.

Look at the concentration,

the commitment to excellence.

That's my girl with all the chocolate love.

and always Naynay's girl,
she accomplished the task set before her while totally rocking her tutu

Now where were those wipes?

Happy Tuesday!

p.s. The hot dog and fries and also hot fudge sundae I might have consumed might have been delightful.  The caramel corn we took home with us? TASTY!

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