Thursday, July 7, 2011

And what's a little gangrene amongst family anyway?

So I feel it's time for another NephewWatch update, but I forgot what we've been doing.  My current inability to keep my eyes open at two o'clock in the afternoon could have something to do with it, but for the life of me I just. can't. remember. 

Well, I remember some of it.

The boys have done great at day care this week and quite frankly Isaiah has requested every day for me to come back later!  He switched classes this week and evidently he has enjoyed the step up.  I don't remember ever having that particular issue with him before and am trying desperately not to take it personally. 

When I went to grab Elijah yesterday I was informed he had requested a wheelchair that morning, haha.  He's been mentioning...often...a discomfort in his leg for the last couple of days, and being the overly concerned auntie that I am I hadn't even taken a peek at it.  In my defense he had several bug bites around the same time and I caught him scratching at it, so I figured it was still being itchy.  When speaking to his teacher I basically said something to the effect of yeah, whatever, and assured her he would be alright.  She didn't seem completely convinced but let it go, and we headed out the door.  I get him home and take a peek, and YIKES!  He has this infected welt of a mess on his leg that looks pretty much like maybe a boil or something? 


Suffice it to say I ramped up my sympathetic voice and chocolate-milk-supplying, as well as letting him lie on the couch to eat his pizza, all while doing the whole hot compresses thing. 

I'm almost sure his mother would not approve of my casual approach to her son's misery. 

It did look a tiny bit better this morning and he said it didn't hurt quite as badly.  I gave him a pep talk about how walking normally would help his circulation and help it heal, and then dropped him off at school. 

I have no idea if this is remotely accurate information but I firmly believe blood circulation can only be a good thing.

Also we made pizza and it was very tasty.  The boys were very impressed and told me it was the best pizza ever.  I suspect they have, in fact, consumed Chef Boy-R-Dee before now, but I'll go with it.

Oh yeah - there was also the exciting moment when my younger boy - who I shall not name in order to protect his fine reputation - got ticked off and started hurling footwear, followed quickly by my perfectly executed reaction.  Or maybe not.  Let's just say it was a proud moment to be sure. 

A proud moment.

The Parents arrive home later tonight, and my plan at this moment is to sleep in my own bed before the sun rises on another day. 

I would like to take this time to thank you, my friends and supporters, for standing by me and encouraging me as we have made this journey.

or something like that. 

Happy Thursday :)

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