Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight in the Former Dark and Audrey Streaming Live

Photo by Kari

It was a good week, and a hard week.  There was a lot of sun, and it rained a good bit.  And the wind nearly knocked me to the ground. more than once.  I hugged on family, and was homesick for family.  I felt inspired to know Jesus better and "be better," and I felt cranky and disgruntled and an overall sense of fed-up-ness with the state of things in general.

In other words, it was another wonderful, typical week full of living, and I'm so grateful for every minute of it, be it gray and or full-on technicolor :)

We are ALL so blessed with the wonderful gift of our lives.

This week I'm feeling thankful for...

new inspiration and fresh motivation

the arm going numb from the snuggle

watching him control himself

daylight in the former dark

early morning spring and all the (bird) singing

audrey streaming live and the laughs and the tears and feeling it all

registering for fun

the first page of a new book

sunshine streaming in from all directions, soaking everything with warm and light

hearing Him speak and (very) occasionally getting it right

new mondays and doing it all over again and trying to do it better

looming celebrations


wandering with no agenda

learning something new

strategic praying with new friends

(A Thousand Gifts #1027-1046)

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