Monday, March 5, 2012

Shiny Kitchen Floors and Sweet, New Smiles

(A Thousand Gifts #1005-1026)

pizza and french fries on the same plate

dependable, consistent mail delivery and the kind man who puts it in my box

the public library

big gulps filled with fountain pepsi...and always the ice

rocking the cries and feeling him settle

his unceasing delight with the baby...and the requisite explanations(!)

long "conversations" with the boy and his pacifier

the boy's pacifier

hearing all the commotion while chatting with their mama, and smiling just a little

getting the wiggles out, and reading on the couch, and sharing his "ah-ha" moments

the happy dance that accompanies the ah-ha

snow hope

shiny kitchen floors

sweet, new smiles, and making eye contact, and getting to know him

Happy Monday!

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