Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things and Stuff

This Saturday morning is feeling rather cozy and delightful...a gift straight from God, and I'm not even being overly-dramatic.  He knows I needed a morning when I could wake up and stretch my toes until they curled over the edge of the bed, and then stay very still for a very long time...until I myself pronounce it time to get up.  And attem.

It has been a little while since the stretching and the toe curling and the quiet, and my soul needed it.

I didn't post yesterday because Fridays just seem extra hard for me in my current schedule and I was really terribly busy with the boy and his phonics, and the pizza, and the (briefly) hollering infant.

 Oh!  And the job.

Always the job.

(insert dramatic sigh here)

(Not that I'm not terribly grateful for gainful employment.  I do like to eat.  And sleep inside, out of the rain.  And eat.)

Anyhoo, there are just a couple of observations and/or discoveries that have been cluttering up my mind over the last couple of days.  Being as it's Saturday and all, it seems only right to clear out the clutter.

1.  There's nothing like that happy you feel when you open your fridge in the morning and remember see that you have leftover pizza from Frank awaiting you.  That right there will make a perfectly fine Saturday lunch. 

p.s.  I don't know exactly why I love Frank's so much.  I suspect it's because the pizza reminds me of the little place in Salem where we always went before Pizza Hut took over the world and stole the hearts and minds of America's youth.  You know, back before the days of a million options.

Side note:  Why french fries with Frank's pizza?  I really have no idea.  It just feels right.  And they taste really, really good.

I guess that's why.

2.   Oh y'all.  This.  Read it. 

No, really, I'm not kidding.  I loved, loved it and I bet you will to.  Especially if you've ever had a baby, or felt like a baby, or found yourself desperately flailing for God.  It's one of my favorite bloggy posts ever.  You'll love it, I promise.

3.  Hop on over to 72daysforfreedom sometime this weekend.  That wacky Louie Giglio and his band of brothers have been very busy effecting change.  Perhaps you can sign a petition and pray for some desperate, hurting souls whose lives look hopeless.

(Spoiler alert!  They aren't.  Jesus wants to bring them abundant life and all manner of Hope.)  We can help, ya know.  It is entirely possible. 

4.  Have you watched Downton Abbey?

Ne neither.  However all of my never-ever-met friends in Twitterworld love it.  And by love it I mean LOVE IT.  The first season is streaming on Netflix and the second has been airing on PBS. 

I don't know why I haven't checked it out.  I'm such a rebel.  I always hesitate to like something just because everyone else in practically the world does. 

Yet I know I will, you know, like it.


4.  Just one more link.  I've never been to her site before but someone mentioned this post on Twitter and it just spoke to my mama and daughter-heart in lovely ways. 

5. Mountain Dew is not the same as fountain Pepsi on ice.  I'm just saying.

6.  Speaking of which, how is it that I can (on occasion) (meaning practically every-other-day) shell out a bit south of two bucks on a fountain soda with minimal remorse and only a moderate amount of fussing and complaining, but when I reach for a two-liter on the shelf at Kroger and it is $1.49 I will LEAVE IT THERE muttering pronouncements of highway robbery.

I can't even think of anything else to say about the absurdity that can me.

So I'll bid my leave.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend :)
Make sure you find someone to hug and a blanket to dive under today.

No really.  Do it!


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