Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Just Know My Brother Would Help If He Were Here

What a pretty, pretty morning!

There's just no way around it.  If you can get past the bare trees and focus on the BLUE SKIES, a morning just doesn't get any prettier than after night spent its time in the 20s.  So clear, and clean, and downright yummy.

(I say yummy a lot.)

(I need to find me some new adjectives.  I'm in a describing rut.)

(Adjectives are, in fact, describing words.  I know this because I teach first grade.)

Get to the point, Renee, THE POINT.

I guess I don't have one.

I feel very weird and strange and scattered.  This is different from the squirming I referenced last week.  I'm still squirmy but that's more of a spiritual...unrest.

The weird I'm feeling this week is more of an I-have-a-million-deep-thoughts-and-NOWHERE-AT-ALL-TO-PUT-THEM sort of a vibe.

There's stuff I want to talk about.  Perhaps get a little debate-y.

I kind of have this hankering to settle in somewhere with a large Pepsi and some chips & salsa and discuss/argue/laugh/TALK REALLY LOUD with some people that I trust but with whom I don't necessarily agree...and just go at it.

...And frankly Elijah just doesn't care about the ethical  ramifications of Pinterest or whether my tax dollars should pay for your birth control (Yikes!)

See?  I told ya.




I think I need to get out more.

I have partially composed posts in my head, but they require thought, and time, and some very. careful. treading.

and seriously, who has the time what with all those adjectives in need of discovery?

I'll let you know when if when I find some answers. or someone to argue with.  or whatever.

Full of Deep Thoughts,

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