Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Brave

Happy no-stressing-no-editing-no-angsting-over-perfection day!

(That of course is not to imply every other day around here is perfect...but there just might be some futile angsting from time to time :)

Anyhoo, I hope y'all have a delightful weekend with at least a taste of the yummy weather we are enjoying right now.  Let's just say the Dogwoods, they are a-bloomin'!

One more thing before we get started.

Happy happy wedding day, Chelsea!  I'm miserable about missing your Big Day but am praying for you all.  Congratulations and best wishes for you and your new husband :)  We love you, sweetie!

Now, on to business :)


Photo by Katie

I never thought I was a very brave person.  I used to picture brave as some kind of lofty, hazy perfection, and as was too often the case, I didn't quite meet the criteria.

(Poor younger me...I was so hard on her.  I didn't understand.  at all.)

As I've grown older I recognize that life is a far less complicated than we give it credit for. 

Now I know that being brave is simple. and hard. and messy. and beautiful.

Being brave is doing it again when you've gotten it wrong so very many times before. 

Being brave is determining what you want, or believe, or need...and articulating it clearly, and respectfully, and appropriately. 

Being brave is loving in the face of rejection. 

Being brave is having reasonably high expectations for your children while loving them as they figure it out for themselves. 

being brave is facing what is done is done and blazing a new trail...or simply following the detour signs 

being brave is getting up every day in the middle of the clutter, and the chaos, and the tears, and the giggles and the hugs and the dirty dishes and the bickering (or maybe the silence, and heartbreak, and overdue bills, and fear)

...and feeding, and correcting, and encouraging, and disciplining, and loving the ones God has placed in the middle of your day

even if the only one there is you.

Happy Friday:)

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