Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sometimes it's good to show your dirty dishes

Sometimes my kitchen looks a bit like this.

Sometimes it looks a lot worse.

That's right, friends, I have on occasion (meaning approximately once a week give or take a day or two) left the dishes on the counter until they become an appropriately aggravating pile.

I have a dishwasher.

(It doesn't seem to matter.)

Sometimes the mail stacks up until the contents are irrelevant.

It's all part of my master plan.

(Details of master plan are still sketchy.)

Sometimes I drive around for two or thirteen days with overdue library movies/books in my car.

I like to support our public library.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sometimes we review our addition facts in unusual positions.

Sometimes on pretty days we chuck it all and drive to the restaurant with the peanuts and fill up on hamburgers and corn dogs.

and french fries.

and yeast rolls with a ridiculous amount of butter.

Sometimes I strip my house of snowmen and other wintry goodness and then leave the shelves bare for fifteen days or so.

Sometimes the vacuum stands in the middle of the floor for days in the "off" position, the bucket sits in the middle of the bathroom floor unfilled, the toothpaste lies around the bathroom sink, the bloggy ideas languish in my brain, and the "add antifreeze now" light comes on repeatedly.  Sometimes I purchase lovely cards and neglect to mail them to my friends, purchase ingredients for special treats and never make them, and have entire conversations in my head...all while neglecting to pick up my phone.

However, sometimes I wake up bursting with energy and  inspiration, and we talk about Jesus a lot, and we wander around the neighborhood looking for yellow things, and we make "homemade" ranch dressing and form meatballs, and read extra books, and I pick up the phone and throw out the cupcakes from Christmas.  Sometimes I scrub the kitchen floor down on my knees until it shines.

Sometimes I get it right.  

Sometimes I don't.

(And usually that's just fine.)

Happy Tuesday!

p.s.  Sometimes when you type a specific word a zillion times it looks terribly, terribly wrong, ha!

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