Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Loud

No deep thoughts here today, I'm sleepy.  But I do have a question.

Question:  Do you dream loud?

Is that odd and strange?  I'd never really thought about it but Ive noticed a couple of mornings this week that when I wake up my first conscious thought is how nice the quiet is, and I realize it was kinda loud all night long.

What does it mean?  Any theories?  It seems lately my sleep has been filled with an underlying flavor of controlled frenzy.  I don't really remember any particularly bad dreams or what-have-you, just a kind of busy.

I can't figure out if it has something to do with stress (which I'm not! much...) or fatigue (which I am! some...), or perhaps it's the two-zillion episodes of Law & Order I've watched in recent months.  

Or maybe it's just an extension of the way my mind is kinda/sorta always in the "on" position?

Or maybe I'm just weird.


No matter the cause, I'm planning to conduct a couple of experiments to see if I can come with an explanation.

Any theories or hypotheses or wild guesses?

I'm all ears :)

Off to unplug the television,*
and take a nap,

*Not really.  Just kidding.  I am not actually unplugging the television.  Elijah would be mad if he missed Sid the Science Guy and nobody needs that kind of trouble.

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