Friday, March 9, 2012

FMF: Empty

Happy Friday, Y'all!

WE MADE IT!!  (Although there is a whole lot of Friday left for me because of the whole working-at-night-and-everyone-else-is-finished thing, but still FRIDAY!)

Do you remember the FMF "rules?"  Write for five and edit not.

Spell check permissible :)

Let's get started,, shall we?


Empty generally (or at least often) has a negative connotation. 

Empty.  Barren.  In possession of nothing.

In need of filling up, or replacing, or what-have-you. 

Not the favorite of a person like me who enjoys a bent toward All Cozy, All The Time.

However... I'm thinking empty can also be quite glorious!

How's about  some empty hampers?


I'm thinking an empty to-do list, or (gasp!) an empty schedule would also be quite welcome :)

Or here's my empty sink devoid of a single dirty dish!

I'm not gonna lie to ya, the concept feels like mostly a pipe dream, but it has been known to happen from time to time, and seeing as we are heading straight into a Saturday that (for me) is empty of all commitments, it's within the realm of possibility that I fulfill at least one of the aforementioned dreams :)


Hope springs eternal, ya know :)

What about you?  What would like to have a lot more empty of?

Hope your Friday is *full* of happy!

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