Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I was right; it was a good day

Well, it's true.  My suspicions were correct and we had big fun yesterday.  BIG FUN.

Mary joined us and I do feel it's only right to tell the world that she was actually the first to arrive.  FIRST, I'm saying.  We were able to get the initial oh-my-goodness-I've-missed-you-SO-MUCH hugs out of the way before Kari walked in with the Main Attraction. 

Mary wasted no time.

Her eyes were closed and she looked a little goofy, it's true...but doesn't she have a purty smile?

They had our table all set up for us, so we settled in and ordered our refreshing beverages (iced blueberry for me!  hot peach ginger for Mary!  boring water with nary even a lemon for Kari!) while waiting for Darlene to arrive.  Evidently Ed had to greet all of the office staff while obtaining Darlene's keys, which made her just the tiniest bit later than us.  Of course she also has no idea where she was going, so she was somewhat at a disadvantage from the start...

However, we had barely received our drinks when she arrived. 

And she wasted no time whatsoever.

We spent the requisite first 15 minutes talking about how lame we all are that we can love each other so much and let months go by before actually getting together.

I blame the children.

Always the children.

...and then we visited and caught up and ate my favorite chicken salad on earth...and before we knew it the time was after two o'clock in the p.m. and Peyton was trying his hardest to not holler his head off, and Mary had terribly important business, and I needed strawberries for Elijah, so we took a final snapshot via Mary's self-described freakishly long arm, and began all the hugging before parting ways.

(I'm terribly sorry for the previous mess-of-a-sentence but I don't want to fix it.  Don't. want. to.  Thanks for understanding.)

God has been so generous to me in the people-to-love department.  I'm so blessed :)

And not only that, but now it's spring! 

Three cheers for Spring! 

Yaay Spring! 

Go Spring!

Long Live Spring!

Y'all have a good day :)

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