Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Dreams and Looming Busy

It won't be long now.

Peyton should join us most any time, and to say we're excited would be quite the understatement.

His sweet little room is all cozy and happy and full of his things.

His daddy is psyched up and his mama is rested up...and ready to get this show on the road.

His auntie and cousins are coming to be with us later today, which only seems right and good and as things should be.
The fridge is stocked with Audrey's chocolate milk and Owen's sad little rice milk.  I made some of PW's cinnamon rolls so home smells appropriately warm & home-y.

I sorted out the toys...again

Audrey's beloved Backyardigans and Kipper are on standby on the Netflix.  There's an unopened package of bubble bath, and Owen has shiny, new, manly sippy cups awaiting his arrival.

I'm just gonna say it.  Naynay is basically beside herself.

After all, she is fully aware of the goodness just around the corner.

No doubt about it, we're ready.  All we need now is for our guest of honor to join the party!

I don't think he'll mind if we go ahead and start with The Happy.

(A Thousand Gifts #901-914)


tidy toys

baby dreams 

looming busy

birthday dinners

warm, fuzzy socks 

chocolate milk in my fridge

we will dance by Travis Cottrell

yeasty cinnamon rolls rising in the oven 

the quiet before the loud, and enjoying both 

snuggling under and feeling warm all the way deep 

sippy cups covered with cars and trucks and little boy goodness



...and sweet Jesus always keeping us company :)

Happy Monday!

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