Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Little Kipper With a Little Girl is a Lot of Great

Well this week has been just as eventful as the last couple of weeks.  Katie & her family headed home on Monday morning loaded up with their Christmas-present bounty (Everybody loves to give fun gifts to fun little ones!)...and Monday evening we got word that Mamaw Honaker had gone to be with the Lord.  

We knew it wouldn't be long, and we certainly didn't want her to suffer, but still...goodbyes are hard!  

Anyhoo, yesterday morning Katie packed up the babies and hit the road again to come back home for a couple of days to be with family.  We spent the afternoon at the funeral home, and we spent the evening loving on the babies and picking up toys.  and watching Kipper.

Nothing soothes a sad heart like loving on the babies, picking up toys, and watching Kipper.  
And that's a fact.

The funeral is this morning and then I'll grab the babies & take them home with me for the afternoon.  Is it wrong to admit I hope Owey cooperates in the napping department?  If it is don't tell Kate ;)

Someday I'm pretty sure I'll be all bored and organized and back on track, but in the meantime I'm just rolling with the flow that is real life.  Thank you so much for praying for my family!

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