Friday, January 13, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Awake

I don't know about y'all, but I'm surely glad it's Friday! There has been plenty of busy around these parts with a healthy dose of Murphy's Law to keep things interesting. For reasons I can't identify I haven't done a Five-Minute Friday post in MONTHS, but today seems like the perfect time to jump back in :)

So here's the deal.  On Fridays Lisa-Jo picks a topic and then we set the kitchen timer for five minutes and write.   Freestyle.  With precious little deliberation beforehand.  No editing.  No stressing.  Just writing and then stopping.  Shall we get started?



It's easy for me to slide through my days to the rhythm of the day before half-asleep...sort of the way I can drive from Point A to Point B with little explanation of how I got there.  I can get up from my bed with little thought at all and take care of the urgent and crawl back into my bed at the end of the day, neglecting to notice all the life going on right in front of me.

Being wide-awake can be HARD.  When I'm awake I feel more, which means I can hurt more.  People can disappoint me more.  My bones, and my back, and my heart, they ache more...

But on those days when I wake up and really see what I'm seeing and feel what I'm feeling, when I make a point to love like a verb...when I end the day exhausted from all the hard things that come with waking up I sleep a sleep of peace, all filled up with knowing I made a difference.  And as my eyes flutter shut against Andy and Barney's hijinks, my mind is filled with all the hope and possibility that comes with tomorrow.


Happy Friday!

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