Monday, January 30, 2012

Safe Arrivals and Holding My Breath

Just a few of the many...

his first cry

answered prayer

kind nurses and a few good laughs along the way

safe arrivals, and reports of good health, and oh-so-sweet baby sighs

owen's sweet interest and audrey's affection

early(ish) morning greetings, and her new habit of piling all her belongs on my bed

his giggles and delight when I ask for kisses, and the way all of life is a game when you're one

witnessing it all and holding my breath and wiping her brow

watching him become the daddy right before our eyes

"do you want to play with me?"  (yes, yes I do!)

new adventures and friends who pray me through them

chocolate chip cookie dough

chatting with dad

clean laundry

encouragement from friends and encouragement from God's Word

a good night's sleep

(A Thousand Gifts # 915-940)

Happy Monday!

(Thanks for the sweet pictures Katie!)

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