Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ongoing Neverending Saga That Would Be My Hair

So here's the thing.  
Now my hair is even shorter than it was last time and last time it was shorter than maybe ever.  

The lesson learned being never trust a dude with scissors.  

Somehow I keep getting what I'm told are nice haircuts that my loved ones seem to like okay, and truth be told the professionals with the scissors are doing exactly what we discuss.  Yet when I'm handed the mirror and take a peek I'm completely taken aback and dare I say displeased with the end result, leaving me feeling a bit out of control and a touch mourn-y.

At this point I barely recognize my own head, and well...when my mother arrived at my door last night I believe her exact words were something like "Did you get your hair cut AGAIN??"  

I did not find this reassuring.

With all that said, I've now devised a plan to recover from my hair trauma.

I'm avoiding dudes with scissors.

Have a great day!

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