Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not to Be Melodramatic or Anything, But Blackberries in January Make My Heart Sing

Shannan has been bragging for what feels like forever about her "fiddies."  This is what she affectionately calls blackberries.  She gave them this moniker because for some unfathomable reason she's been nabbing them for about fifty cents a pint and has been eating them as if they cost mere pennies and not dollars apiece, and I've gotta tell ya, I've harbored envy in my heart.  I love me some blackberries, but I don't recall the last time I bought them, mainly because I need to keep a roof over my head.  

But that all changed this week, my friends.  It was payday and I was tired of harboring a covetous spirit, so I marched myself and the boys to Kroger and purchased my very own half-pint.  It happens to be January so I don't quite understand how it's possible, but they were GORGEOUS and plump and beautiful.  
And also tasty.

Earlier this week I tried this, and it was a complete success.  One morning I added a little vanilla, sugar, and few frozen peaches.  The next day I shook things up and added a few strawberries.  But today was by far the tastiest steel cut oats ever in the history of steel cut oats in my house.  Just a little sugar with a few "fiddies" on top.  We have a winner, y'all.  And I have a new favorite.

Totally worth that loan I took out.

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