Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding Purpose and Having Options

Saturday morning Kari and I attended a brunch/bridal shower for a sweet friend of Kari's who of course is now all grown up.  Like so many of these little ones who dared to grow, I still picture sweet Chelsea approximately not-very-many years old.  No matter how many of them go and get married on us it's still hard to truly accept that these children became adults right in front of our eyes.

How this happened while we remained exactly the same and approximately not-yet-thirty is a mystery I don't care to solve. Some questions should remain unanswered.

Anyhoo, it was a lovely time, as it always is when I get to spend time with old friends.  There was quite a bit of hugging and laughing while we indulged in some delightful yumminess.  

(There was a very tasty cheesecake on a stick dipped inside chocolate that literally made me swoon 
and that's all I have to say about that.)

It was a slow and easy time spent with a few of our favorite people 
and the chilly, sunny Saturday was made better for it.

After the shower I went back to Kari's for a bit to see how Doodle's room is coming together (quite nicely!) and chat for a few minutes.  It's so much fun just sitting there beside Peyton's crib, soaking in all the love that's already in place.  That lovely feeling of ready anticipation is indescribable.   It won't be long now!

The rest of the weekend was very quiet on my part.  I'm still(!) not feeling back to normal & my sweet sister ran some meds over to me at bedtime on Saturday evening, which led to a nice visit.  I actually slept a lot on Sunday & puttered in the kitchen...and of course worked.

I know, I know...
My life is fascinating and exciting and also riveting, 
but I don't want y'all to be all envious or covetous or even jealous. 

We all have our sweet blessings of which to be thankful.  All we need do is look around us.

(Still counting...)

bedtime runs by my sister with supplies and hugs and a little conversation


sweet chelsea

medicinal relief

getting real with a friend and leaving it there


new adventures full of new possibilities

finding purpose

having options

answered prayer

crying with strangers and knowing He loves us both

recognizing my unworthiness...being thankful for His mercies

(A Thousand Gifts #886-900)

Happy Monday!

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